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  The Products
G Araouzos & Son exports 95% of the value of the crop and about 65% of the yield.

Whole hand selected carobs are exported for human consumption in various health food shops in Europe and in America as well as North Africa where they have been eaten raw since Pharaoh times.

Carob cubes are exported mainly in North Africa where they are used to produce a drink traditionally drunk in the Ramaddan as well as turned into roasted carob powder a chocolate alternative which has been lately introduced in greater quantities in the health food industry

Medium and meal are then sold locally as an important animal feed ingredient during the animals (sheep, goats) lactation period.

The seeds of the pods which are by far the most valuable item in the carob pod are exported to various countries to be turned into the locust bean gum.

Locust Bean Gum (LBG) is excellent food hydrocolloid in the human food chain found in various products as dessert fillings, salad dressings, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The particular quality however of the locust bean gum in the production of ice-cream is well known amongst even the largest ice cream manufacturers .
It is an excellent food hydrocolloid that prevents sugar crystallization and in this way produces excellent ice-cream.