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History of the Company
The partnership was formed in 1956 by the late George Araouzos a teacher from the Ayia Fyla village in the district of Limassol. A very well known carob producing village, in the borders of Limassol.

The first factory was set up in 1963 and it then commanded a 25% of the island's very large production (over 60.000 tonnes) .
Primarily taking the Limassol district carobs the partnership took a commanding lead in the area.
People then from all over the island especially from the Pitsilia area gathered in Limassol accommodated in the premises of George Araouzos and his very hospitable wife Pinelopi Anastasiadou in Ayia Fyla and gathered carobs until mid November when it was time to return back to their villages

The decline in the annual yield due to the dramatic fall in the seed prices in the last 15 years however forced most of the mills to close down.
George Araouzos & Son still a partnership survived that, primarily due to the export of whole carobs to North Africa, and secondly due to the dedication towards the carob business by a dedicated son of George Araouzos Louis Araouzos the current owner.

It is currently the only private Carob Kibbling Plant on the island. And it boasts over 40% of the island's production and over 70% of the yield in the Limassol district where most of the best Carobs ("koumpota" variety) are grown.

The partnership has been handed down from father to son thus continuously ensuring the reliability and consistency in its dealings with its clients all over the world but primarily with its suppliers a loyal number of growers all over the island.